Spaceflux was established in 2018 to offer services in design, planning and engineering for residential and corporate requirements. It was previously a design and construction arm of Infotouch Systems Inc. under the umbrella of JMG Holdings.

We are mainly focused on developing design strategies that acknowledge contributing factors such as geography, economy, climate, culture, technology, and community, in responding to the evolving trends and necessities of emerging generations of users. Identifying the design criteria suitable for the project while taking into consideration the preferences of our clients and users is how we provide value creation in the work we do.

Based on these objectives, we are offering a project turnkey service that utilizes our skills and support our clients in designing and building their ideal spaces without the complexities to help them focus on the success of their core business.

As a project turnkey service, we provide a vertical integration of multiple services from end to end such as:

1. Architectural, Interior, Mechanical, Sanitary, and Structural Engineering Design
2. Fit-out Construction and Management
3. Electronics (ELV), Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity (Infotouch Systems Inc.)


To formulate design ideas and build functional spaces on a given time table with quality workmanship by reducing complexity through systematic approach, technology, and material selection strategy, thereby influencing the evolution of design and build concept of spaces in their built environment


To be an industry leader in providing a turnkey service for every project by generating and delivering custom-built solutions in architecture, interior and engineering.


Solution Driven
Attention to Detail
Enthusiasm and Efficiency
Lateral Thinking
Unwavering Integrity
Xenial Collaboration