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Premier Software Enterprise

Flexible & Vigorous

Premier Software Enterprise is an IT subsidiary of Philippine Stock Exchange Inc with a vision to revolutionize the financial services sector by providing every "Juan" an opportunity to invest in the stock market through software development.

The industrial style suited well with the Company’s philosophy in terms of innovation, flexibility, and creativity. The interior architecture harmonizes competing desires, namely the ability for ideas to flow freely or be contained at the individual’s discretion.

The focus is the balance between collaborative spaces and individual work areas which creates an activity-based atmosphere for various users. The pantry and kitchen were treated as important areas for leisure, informal creative work, and brainstorming. Lounge areas are designed for small and cozy conversations and private discussions.

The space allows configuration according to specific needs, based on its open plan and the composition of elements that suggest different uses. To achieve this, stations are equipped with ergonomic furniture, advanced technological components and up to date fiber optic connection to provide quick and convenient setting up or building down of workspace adaptable to the needs of its user.

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