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Sophisticated & Systematic

Philippine Equity Partners Inc. is a regulatory organization and centralized location that brings in corporations and government, enabling investors to buy and sell equities. The interior shows the scale and character of the Company, but above all it identifies with the characteristics where classy and corporate meet. Overall area hosts conference rooms for private meetings detached from the main office to ensure more efficient and constructive meeting sessions, away from interruptions and needless disturbances.


The design exudes an ambiance like that of a hotel function rooms that signifies the importance of every meeting event. Color tones such as bronze, black, and oak display luxurious design components in the space. Black mirror blended well with the linear lighting along the hallway walls leading to more private discussion rooms at the end of the hall. Foam padded walls are used to enhance soundproofing and privacy. Lighting automation such as color changing lights, brightness adjustments depending on the natural light, and time based pattern were introduced to create the mood needed for every meeting event.

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